Has America really changed that much?

The answer is YES. Now, with his signature wit and 20/20 hindsight, Tucker Carlson shares thirty years of journalism in The Long Slide, available wherever books are sold.

From the host of Tucker Carlson Tonight on Fox News and the New York Times bestselling author of Ship of Fools, a collection of nostalgic writings that underscore America’s long slide from innocence to orthodoxy.

Thirty years ago, Tucker Carlson got his first job out of college fact checking for a quarterly magazine, and he went on to write for many other publications before becoming the primetime Fox News host he is today. In The Long Slide, Tucker delivers a few of his favorite pieces—annotated with new commentary and insight—to memorialize the tolerance and diversity of thought that the media used to celebrate instead of punish. In snapshots spanning the 1990s to today, he’ll take you on a visit to Africa with Al Sharpton and members of the Nation of Islam to stop the civil war in Liberia in 2003, inside the (not-so-) secret armies of Operation Iraqi Freedom, and on the campaign trail with Donald Trump in 2016. In case you missed it the first time around, you’ll also learn about the aesthetic merits of British colonialism, the second shift at a baked bean factory, the unexpected charm of James Carville, and the simple beauty of rural western Maine.

With his signature wit and 20/20 hindsight, Tucker investigates in this patriotic and memorable collection a question on all of our minds: Has America really changed that much in recent decades? The answer is, unequivocally, yes.


Simon & Schuster

Release Date

August 10, 2021

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Tucker Carlson

Tucker Carlson currently serves as host of FOX News Channel’s flagship primetime cable news program, Tucker Carlson Tonight (weekdays 8PM/ET).  He joined the network in 2009 as a contributor. On his program each night, Carlson features powerful analysis and helps bring important perspective to what’s happening in America and around the world.

Carlson and his team recently launched the two flagship programs on the network’s streaming service, Fox Nation. Tucker Carlson Originals is an in-depth documentary series where Carlson and his producers travel to important stories and bring them into sharper focus. Tucker Carlson Today is a new show every Monday, Wednesday and Friday featuring a single in-studio guest having a long conversation with Carlson that often lasts for an entire hour. Both programs are available to stream on FOXNation.com

Prior to the launch of his primetime Fox News Channel program, Carlson served as a co-host of FOX & Friends Weekend. Carlson also founded and acted as editor-in-chief of The Daily Caller, a political news website he launched in 2010

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The Long Slide is the new book from NYT bestselling author and Fox News star, Tucker Carlson.

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